What People Are Saying

“I purchased some of your Greek Seasonings and wanted to let you know that I absolutely love them. Today we made grilled kabobs with Village Seasoning. They were delicious! Thank you”

Brenda – Jacksonville, Florida

“These spices are SOOO good. I’ve had a bottle of 3 different kinds for a month or so and already need/want more!!! OPA is my favorite:)”

Gina H. – Fruit Cove, Florida

“Soaking this goodness overnight for tomorrows dinner. Made a special sauce using Florida Greek Guy Spices as a KEY ingredient had to write the recipe down for this, it was too good to be forgotten! Yummmmm!!”

Haley A. – St. John’s, Florida

“Their Nickal’s OPA Hot Sauce is amazing!!! I’m using on my chicken tonight for dinner!!! The owners are local and down to earth people.”

Alan W. – St. Augustine, Florida

“That hot sauce is unbelievable! It’s the best”

Ray – Savannah, Georgia

“Baked chicken breast with Poultry Seasoning for dinner delicious and tender”

Karen T. – San Antonio Texas

“I’ll be ordering more of the meat and chicken soon. I’m using them a lot!”

Laurie – New Bern, NC

“Best spices and hot sauce ever!”

Kathy C. – New Bern, NC

“I made chicken for my lunch yesterday using Greek Poultry and All Purpose. Good Stuff”

Dutch F. – Toledo, Ohio

“Use them all the time! Excellent variety and love the recipes”

Laurie K. – Bridgeton, NC

“These spices are amazing! All I can say is YUM!!! Yum, yum, yum”

Luis G. – Jacksonville, Florida

“This stuff [Taste of Louisiana] is everything!”

Loreal gavin – “THE BUTCHER BABE”