July 4th and What it Means to be American

This is the holiday that we here in the United States mark as the half-way point of our summers. Cook outs, ball games, boating, fireworks and soaking up the summer sun. We have much for which to be thankful. We should not forget the sacrifices that brought us this freedom and liberty we enjoy.

USS Cole

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to spend two days on the USS Cole, the US Navy’s proud guided missile destroyer that was cowardly attacked in Yemen one year prior to the subsequent cowardly attacks on September 11, 2001.

On my two days traveling from the Navy’s Mayport naval base to Norfolk, Virginia I was not only humbled, but I was proud of these young men and women who serve. The stars on the floor represent each of the 17 sailors who were killed on October 12, 2000.  The stars are actually where these sailors were standing as they got food in the chow line while the Cole was in port at Yemen to refuel. Each and every day a sailor gets on the floor and polishes every star, when passing through that area all covers (hats) come off and it gives you a humbling feeling.

As we celebrate, as we should, the Fourth of July, take a moment, say a prayer of thanks for there was a tremendous sacrifice endured from 1776 until this day.


As a side note, my son met me in Norfolk as we docked because he was stationed there at the time – that was another treat.

From the Florida Greek Guy Seasonings family to all of you: Happy Fourth of July!

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