Delicious Seasonings for Any Meal

Our seasonings are not made to be used in a rigid “color-by-numbers” manner. I encourage all to envision the dish in your mind, cook with love and think of your stomach (how it will taste). Put it all together using all your senses, smell, taste, sight and sound and listen to your inner chefnow you are cooking Greek Style! I always recommend when cooking meats or fish to thoroughly rub the meat or fish with fresh lemon before adding the seasonings. I have found this brings out a more pronounced flavor from the spices. We hope you enjoy creating your own delicious combination of flavors with our products.

Most importantly,

Have Fun!
Kali Orexi’ (Good Appetite)

Bill Lulias, The Florida Greek Guy

Bill Lulias comes from a long family tradition of restaurant owners. Both grandfathers, who were Greek immigrants, owned restaurants along with 6 of his uncles, 3 aunts and his father.

While owning and operating 2 restaurants in the Philadelphia area, Bill has served celebrities such as Philadelphia Eagle’s quarterback Ron Jaworski and many of the Philadelphia Eagles. Bill is currently writing a Greek Cookbook with original Greek family recipes. The book, titled “It’s Not Yiayia’ s Kitchen Anymore,” explores traditional Greek recipes but goes beyond with his extraordinary seasonings. Bill has also cooked for many of the Greek Orthodox clergy, including Metropolitan Alexios of the Greek Orthodox Church, and can be seen cooking lamb at the annual Greek Festival in St. Augustine.

Bill was trained the “old” way and has absorbed the fine art of Greek Cooking from his Yiayia and Popou. His Yiayia was written about numerous times by The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin as being the “Best Greek Cook in the Philadelphia area.” Bill has 4 children, Jessica, Dana, Willy and Nick who love to cook, 4 grandchildren, Ryder, Trevor Maeve and Kate. Bill, “The Florida Greek Guy” resides in St. Johns Florida with his beautiful wife Terry.